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Process cooling solution for heat treating operations

August 13, 2019  

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Frigel has announced it is bringing its unique process cooling solution and expertise in intelligent process cooling to the North American heat treating industry – and in so doing – offering companies more ways than ever to achieve quantifiably better results. This includes the ability to reduce water consumption by as much as 95 per cent while ensuring optimal furnace performance.

“We’re excited to introduce a solution that goes beyond the limitations of current technologies to help heat treating operations use less water, while ensuring their furnaces operate efficiently and with maximum uptime,” said Frigel North America president and COO Matteo Gallerini. “Our solution also helps companies save energy and reduce chemical use when compared with traditional technologies. At the same time, furnace OEMs can stand behind it since it helps ensure their furnaces deliver years of reliable performance.”

Frigel has been a worldwide leader in intelligent process cooling for more than a half century, having pioneered the concept in the plastics industry. Intelligent process cooling integrates the company’s internationally patented Ecodry adiabatic central cooling system with process cooling units dedicated to each individual heat treating process or work cell. Dedicated process cooling units consist of Frigel’s line of Microgel compact machine-side chillers.

The integrated system offers inherent advantages when compared with traditional process cooling technologies used by heat treating operations, including:

  • Evaporative cooling towers: Frigel’s central cooler can lower water consumption by as much as 95 percent by comparison. As a closed-loop system it is also without maintenance issues common to cooling tower upkeep. A continuous supply of clean water also improves furnace uptime and reduces furnace maintenance costs. Additionally, the Frigel system reduces chemical use by as much as 40 percent to meet stringent municipal water quality regulations.
  • Dry coolers: Frigel’s central cooler provides cooling water temperatures in a wide range of ambient conditions, unlike traditional dry coolers. The central cooler, in combination with dedicated process cooling units, goes a step further than dry coolers by allowing for free cooling for energy cost savings of up to 80 percent per year.
  • Central chillers: Frigel’s central cooler differs from central chillers alone in that it can be paired with machine-side chillers to provide precise temperature control at the point of use for substantial energy savings. Additionally, it provides for automatic free cooling.

The Frigel integrated system is engineered as a modular system, another advantage that allows it to be easily expanded when additional cooling capacity is needed, and not before. Additionally, advanced controls automatically adjust the system for optimal performance and free cooling capability based on a wide range of operational and system parameters.


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