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ProWorks stretch polyethylene gloves

November 19, 2020   Don Horne

The need for safe, hygienic processes in food handling and janitorial functions has never been greater than it is today.

Disposable gloves play a key role in this protection. Performance options in the disposable glove category align largely based on material composition, with loose fitting poly gloves long considered the choice for low cost, low-dexterity applications. Hospeco Brands Group is changing this perception about poly gloves.

Hospeco Brands Group introduces ProWorks Stretch Polyethylene Gloves, made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The formula helps assure exceptional value while providing better strength, performance, and protection.

As is the case with traditional poly, ProWorks Stretch Polyethylene Gloves offer great value as an alternative to vinyl and thin mil nitrile gloves. However, that’s where the comparison ends. ProWorks Stretch Polyethylene Gloves are soft, comfortable, and stronger than standard polyethylene and CPE gloves. They are more stretchable than vinyl disposable gloves. Their extra-long 10-inch length is a full inch longer than standard nine-inch vinyl gloves.

ProWorks Stretch Polyethylene Gloves meet FDA Standard 21 CFR 177 for handling of food in food service applications. Available in clear or blue, they are ideal for use in colour-coding programs to reduce the risk of cross contamination. These stretch poly gloves, with their very unlike-poly fit, are also well-suited for more nimble-fingered applications such as janitorial, light industrial or assembly, and as a general-purpose hand covering.

These ambidextrous, powder free gloves are packed 200 gloves to a dispenser box, require 65% less shelf space than vinyl gloves, and are free of latex and phthalates. To achieve safe food preparation and truly sanitary cleaning, workers need a glove option that is easy to use, safe, and strong. ProWorks Stretch Polyethylene Gloves increase wearer comfort and promote compliance.


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