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PY X-M-10 PYRA Series flashing lights for industrial safety

October 7, 2019   Don Horne

Pfannenberg highlights the availability of PY X-M-10 PYRA Series Flashing Lights. Designed for alarm, warning, and indication, this visual signalling device is ideal for promoting safety to personnel, creating efficiency in the movement of people and materials, and reporting operating status of machinery and processes.

Offering a 180o x 360o visible field, the PYRA PY X-M-10 Flashing Light reaches a 10 Joules flash with an adjustable flash rate. The PYRA PY X-M-10 Flashing Light offers exclusive Pfannenberg xenon flash technology, with an eight million-flash service life and no sensitive filaments. The flash rate can be adjusted to 0.1, 0.5, and 1.0 Hz, with automatic flash synchronization of multiple connected units. Extremely high visibility with distances of nearly 1000 ft. makes the device ideal for signalling in large manufacturing areas, warehouses, and outdoor spaces.

With an IP 66 enclosure rating and an IK08 impact rating, the signalling device is suitable in all weather conditions and any climate. A steel fixing clamp provides additional resistance to shock and vibration. Protected against driving rain, snow, ice, dust, and hose-directed spray, the PYRA PY X-M-10 Flashing Light is suitable for myriad applications. Available in a variety of lens and housing colours, every PYRA PY X-M-10 Flashing Light includes a standard 10-year warranty.

Intelligent design ensures painless installation and repair. Electrical wiring is conducted in the base box, avoiding the need for three-hand assembly and eliminating pinching and error potential. PYRA PY X-M-10 Flashing Lights also features a stay-in-place shape-molded gasket and captive fasteners, simplifying installation. Flexible mounting options enable installation upright on enclosures, downward from ceilings, or vertically on walls.


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