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Solid state relays and contactors with integrated monitoring

February 22, 2019  

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CARLO GAVAZZI is launching the RG..M Series of 1-phase solid state relays and contactors with integrated monitoring features.

The RG..M consists of solid state switches that integrate monitoring features for quick and timely failure detection, besides the switching function. Timely failure detection eliminates the need for re-work and prevents scrap, leading to better production throughput and better quality products.

Detection for mains loss, load loss, SSR open and short circuit, SSR internal fault and supply out of range are now possible without a need for external components. The RG..M of solid state contactors and relays is equipped with an Alarm LED for visual indication of fault presence, and an alarm transistor output for remote signalling.

The RG..M solid state relays are available with either an integrated heatsink, RGC..M or without the heatsink, RGS..M. Ratings go up to 660 VAC, 65 AAC (for the RGC..M) and 90 AAC (for the RGS..M). The RG..M Series is controlled with a 4 to 32VDC input signal, and must be supplied with 24 VDC.

Typical applications for the RG..M include plastics machinery, packaging, semiconductor wood-processing, and drying equipment, in a situation, when an immediate detection of load or relay failure is required.

The RG..M adds to the portfolio of RG SSRs with monitoring, which already includes 1-phase SSRs with partial load loss detection and 2 and 3-phase devices with system monitoring. The specifications of the RG..M Series include:

  • 1-phase solid state devices;
  • Integrated system monitoring;
  • Mains and load loss detection;
  • SSR open and short circuit detection;
  • LED indication of fault conditions;
  • NO and NC transistor output;
  • Pluggable spring input and alarm terminals;
  • .M SSR with an integrated heat sink;
  • .M SSR requiring an external heat sink;
  • Rated voltage up to 660VAC;
  • Control voltage of 4-32VDC;
  • .M: loads up to 65AAC at 40°C;
  • .M: loads up to 90AAC at 40°C; and
  • CE, EAC, cULus (RGC), cRUus and CSA (RGS).


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