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Testo 420 flow hood with bluetooth

December 21, 2018  

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When regulating volume flows in turbulent outlets the straightener improves the measurement accuracy and saves you time and headaches in the tough situations.

Application Spotlight- How Turbulent Outlets Affect Air Flow Readings

It is difficult to measure the velocity at highly turbulent outlets accurately. In addition to the turbulent air flow, it also had different spreading patterns and is partially blocked by bars or diffuser cones.

When the room has a large outlet, the air is not blown into the room straight. The consequences of this is that air flows are often incorrectly measured at the locations. This complicates the volume flow substantially. The testo 420 lightweight flow hood solves these problems with its integrated flow straightener, which allows a more precise measurement result to be achieved at large and turbulent outlets.


  • Weighs less than 6.2lbs (2.9kg)
  • Large, tiltable, backlit display (removable)


Pitot tube measurements and pressure measurements for air conditioning and ventilation systems.


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