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TMEIC making medium voltage VFDs in Texas

June 1, 2020  

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TMEIC Corporation announces manufacturing of its best-selling Medium Voltage (MV) Variable Frequency Drive, the TMdrive-MVG2, at its TMEIC Power Electronics Products Corporation factory in Katy, Texas.

The TMdrive-MVG2 is a medium-voltage, AC-fed drive designed for high-efficiency and power-friendly operation in a broad range of industrial applications.  The drive is designed for high reliability, low harmonic distortion, and high power factor operation.  With frame sizes from 3.3kV, 4.16kV, up to 11kV, the drive is customizable for a variety of applications.  Production will begin with the 5,000 horsepower 4.16kV series, with plans to expand the capability to handle higher input voltage levels.
“The MVG2 is a very reliable, safe, and efficient MV VFD that has garnered recognition globally,” said Mr. Masayuki Tobita, President of TMEIC Power Electronics Products Corporation.  “Manufacturing domestically will bring a higher level of service to our customers and allow us to meet short lead times, factory acceptance testing, and competitive pricing.”
With more than 6,000 million MVA in installed capacity across 2500+ units, the drive has brought the benefits of low operating costs and high reliability to customers worldwide.  The TMdrive-MVG2 general-purpose drive is applicable in a variety of demanding industries such as oil & gas, mining, cement, water, wastewater, power generation, and others.  Applications include pumps, compressors, fans, extruders, blowers, and others.  The TMdrive-MVG2 continues to bring the following benefits to its operators:
  • Multi-pulse diode converter: Helps meet IEEE 519-2014 at the 5% total demand distortion level without the need for harmonic filters saving components, space, and heat loss.
  • Dry Film type DC link capacitors: Eliminate the need to replace or service at regular intervals during product life. No need to periodically “reform” capacitors.
  • Multilevel PWM waveform: The output voltage approximates a sine wave, reducing dv/dt. Also, the motor does not experience a significant temperature rise, thereby running cooler.
  • Modular assemblies: 1700V IGBTs enable low parts count and over 15+ year mean time between failures (MTBF).
  • Nationally-recognized application expertise: TMEIC’s decades of engineering enables the VFD operator a safe, reliable, efficient, and maintainable installation.
TMEIC Power Electronics Products Corporation is headquartered in Katy, Texas.  The 45,000 square foot factory also produces the popular TMdrive-MVe2 Medium Voltage Drive.  With the addition of the TMdrive-MVG2 to the lineup, TMEIC can now support its clients in North and South America with U.S. industrial drives manufacturing from 300 HP to 6000HP

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