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Unique rotable maintenance program for valves

March 11, 2019  

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CIRCOR Industrial Valves, announces the cost-saving Rotable Critical Trim Refurbishment Program. Eliminating the delay and expense of cutting out a leaking valve, the program replaces internal valve components to return valve function quickly while restoring the removed parts for future use.

“Rotable” is a term normally associated with the aerospace industry where key parts are rotated through a reuse, recondition, and recycle method of exchange. CIRCOR’s program replaces the trim of a valve body in the field with brand new factory trim, sends the used trim back to the factory for evaluation and reconditioning, and returns the refurbished used trim to the customer to store for future use on the valve.

CIRCOR’s Rotable Critical Trim Refurbishment Program can preserve installed units, and recondition used trim whenever possible, all for a fraction of the cost of a new valve. The exchange saves customers the costs of cutting out and reinstalling a valve, including cranes, welders, and NDT inspectors. It also limits downtime.

Long-lasting CIRCOR valve bodies and bonnets—some in severe service applications for over 50 years — do not always require replacement. The program substitutes used parts with OEM manufactured components to restore valve function and extend the life of a unit over multiple exchange cycles. CIRCOR’s trained technicians identify valves that are compatible with the new program.


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