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WAGO adds new module to 750 Series I/O system

August 13, 2020   Don Horne

WAGO’s new 750-564 analog output module can be configured to feature either voltage or current outputs.  These 4-channel modules offer individual configuration, making it ideal for applications that require multiple signal types.

Each channel also provides diagnostics that include wire break, short circuit and field power supply information.

With under 3 ms of conversion time, a 16 bit resolution and high accuracy of .05 per cent upper range, the 750-564 offers high performance, precision and resolution for all user applications. These modules also have the ability to adapt to signal types without the need for users to change hardware.

In the Process Industry, especially with large scale applications, these modules could prove highly beneficial for companies that initiate construction of buildings and equipment before fine tuning all the details of their system.

Process engineers often do not specify sensors or valve actuators until midway through their projects, requiring them then to change installed analog input and output modules after the fact, therefore increasing costs.

With WAGO’s new 750-564, engineers can configure the signal type by channel to almost any kind of voltage or current needed to dynamically adjust for ongoing design changes and modifications.


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