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York Fluid Controls is the source for FLUX drum/tote pumps

October 4, 2019   Don Horne

FLUX created the world’s first electric drum pump in 1950. Nearly 70 years later, York Fluid Controls is proud to supply this company’s revolutionary pump solutions to Canadian businesses.

A leader and innovator in liquid-flow technology, FLUX offers drum and tote pumps in a wide selection of materials and designs for a variety of industrial applications, like food products, oils, and chemicals. The manufacturer is known for versatile technology and intelligent solutions.

Perfect for dangerous liquids

These FLUX drum pump solutions are the perfect choice for removing dangerous liquids, such as low-viscosity and highly flammable fluids, from large plastic or metallic barrels. One of their advantages is their availability in several different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, Hastelloy C, polypropylene, and polyvinylidene fluoride. Each is ideal for a specific pumping application; for example, stainless steel works for both flammable and non-flammable liquids, from solvents to organic acids, while Hastelloy C is recommended for flammable and chemically aggressive fluids like acids and oleum. Aluminum alloy is suitable for water, oil, soap, and other less hazardous liquids.

Four main FLUX models of drum pumps are available from York Fluid Controls. The distributor carries the F424 Sealless, the F 425 for emptying barrels, the F 426 for mixing or emptying barrels, and the F 427 Sanitary Drum Pump. In recent years, FLUX has developed two powerful drum-pump motors for these pump solutions: the FEM 4070, and the F 457.

These fully electronic motors offer safe, efficient methods to pump hazardous fluids. The FEM 4070 comes with an ergonomically designed handle that allows simple, single-hand operation for a rotary switch to start the pump, along with a variety of speed ranges. The F 457 is a compact, lightweight motor with an optimal cooling system, low noise, and many speed options.

Other attractive hallmarks of FLUX drum/tote pumps include high quality, long service life, operational safety, and minimal downtime expense. The company also produces several series of vertical centrifugal immersion pumps, two lines of horizontal centrifugal immersion pumps, and four lines of ATEX explosion-proof pump drive motors.



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