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Revolutionizing the way we wash our hands

December 9, 2020   Don Horne

COVID-19 us forcing many of us to break old habits and adopt new ones. Take, for example, washing our hands.

Hand washing is an essential measure for preventing the spread of disease, but even with this knowledge compliance is not at the level it should be — even in human and veterinary medicine. The method for washing our hands has been the same for generations: Get them wet with warm to hot water, lather up with soap, rinse and dry.

It’s an effective method, sure. But in removing dirt and grime, traditional soap will also dry out our skin, resulting in chapped, cracked hands.

Ogena Shield Hand Cleaner is “revolutionizing hand washing” not just with a new hand cleaner, but the training and education to improve compliance. According to a press release from the Stoney Creek, Ont. company, the cleaner provides a deep clean by skipping the first step you would typically take when washing your hands — getting them wet.


“Not only does Ogena Shield Hand Cleaner work different that a typical soap, it feels different when you’re done,” says David Hachey, President of Ogena Solutions. “It is the most effective cleaner on the market, removing organic materials from your skin, but leaving it smooth and soft. You will feel the difference after your first use.”

The difference with Ogena Shield Hand Cleaner, formulated with lanolin and glycerin, is it conditions and protects the skin. You apply it to your hands when they are dry, rub thoroughly and then rinse under cool water to remove soil, dirt and organic matter while leaving the moisturizers behind.

It is also fragrance free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

“Ogena Shield Hand Cleaner is ideally suited in any commercial or industrial setting where regular hand washing causes skin to dry and crack,” says Hachey. “Just give it a try to feel the difference a good hand cleaner and moisturizer makes. It’s a shield for your dry, cracked hands.”

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