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SK Capital Partners recent takeover of SI Group spurs leadership shake up

November 5, 2018  

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SI Group today announced a shakeup of the the company’s new executive leadership team.

These changes follow the October 15 completion of the acquisition of SI Group by SK Capital Partners, a private investment firm focused on the specialty materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors.

“These organizational changes leverage the key competencies and capabilities of our leadership teams. The structure enables a strong external focus, cultivating more collaborative relationships with our customers,” said CEO Frank Bozich.”

The transaction included the combination of SI Group with Addivant, an SK Capital portfolio company since 2013 and leading global producer of specialty additives.

“We will be more adept at delivering superior customer value, and be more thoughtful, systematic and anticipatory to changes in global market forces that impact the industry,” said John Steitz, CEO Additives.

The newly combined company is marketed under the SI Group brand, and is led by the following executive leadership team:

  • Frank Bozich, SI Group CEO
  • John Steitz, CEO, Additives
  • Chris Cornille, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Services
  • Brooke Manrique, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Communications
  • Tom Masterson, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Regulatory Affairs
  • Wei Ru, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Process Technology
  • Paul Tilley, Senior Vice President, Chemical Intermediates & Industrial Resins
  • Patrick Weinberg, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Rich White, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & EHSQ

Additionally, the new company has been structured around several strategic business units that will focus exclusively on product offerings and innovation, and customer relationship management.

These leaders include:

  • Katie Ellet, Vice President, Oilfield Solutions
  • Philip Ingham, Vice President, Industrial Resins & Specialties
  • Robert Kaiser, Vice President, Rubber & Adhesives
  • Chris Roberts, Vice President, Fuels & Lubricants

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