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Stelco investigating after cyber attack

October 28, 2020   by CNW

Stelco has reported a cyber attack on its information systems.

The Hamilton, Ont.–based steel producer’s parent company, Stelco Holdings Inc., says that Stelco immediately implemented countermeasures in accordance with established cybersecurity procedures and policies that have been developed in collaboration with expert external advisors.

The countermeasures taken were effective and limited the scope of the attack. Certain operations, including steel production, were temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure, but have since resumed operations.

Stelco’s team, in conjunction with cybersecurity specialists and other advisors, continues to investigate the incident and extent of the impact on its systems. Stelco is implementing its back-up and recovery plans to fully re-establish its systems as quickly as possible and some business functions may be adversely affected during this recovery process.


(Canada News Wire)

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