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The driving force of the MCAA steps down after 40 years

July 4, 2018  

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The Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) announced the retirement of Cynthia Esher on June 30 after 40 years of service.

MCAA Chairman, Bharat Naik, said he was honoured to be a part of the ceremony and was amazed by the history of MCAA and stories of how far the association had come under Esher’s leadership.

He highlighted early milestones including the introduction of the first PC to help automate communication with members and improve marketing efforts, adding that Esher was a key proponent in moving away from writing standards, which, until 1980, was the main focus of MCAA and SAMA.

He pointed out that Esher was instrumental in changing the dues structure in the early ’90s, which doubled the size of membership which was a major turning point for the organization. During her tenure, Esher helped create many new resources, all of which continue to be key benefits of membership today.

Among the words that Naik used to describe Esher were grit, toughness, direct, friendly, honest and leader. Naik personally added that what he has seen is “grace, amazing grace” and noted “Cynthia is leaving us with a strong organization that is looking forward and ready to continue its journey.”

“I have worked with some absolutely wonderful people in my 40 years with this organization. I’ve had the opportunity to work with boards and committees to make things better for your industry,” said Esher, who went on to thank the Legacy Group, comprised of former chairmen under which she served.

Esher created the Legacy Group to maintain the history and heritage of the organization.

She also complimented the current staff, stating that she was eternally grateful for their support, skills, attitudes and friendships, and said that working with people to bring the right information to the Measurement, Control and Automation industry had been an amazing and very rewarding opportunity, adding that “she was a cog that made the wheel go around” and “what a ride it’s been.”

Esher has been involved with MCAA or its predecessor organization the Scientific Apparatus Makers Association (SAMA) since 1978. She joined SAMA as Administrative Assistant and held increasingly responsible positions including Director of Administration and Vice President. She was named Executive Director of the Process Measurement & Control Section of SAMA in 1988. In 1990 she was named President of SAMA while she maintained her responsibilities as Executive Director of the PMC Section.

In 1994, after a name change to Measurement, Control & Automation, the section disassociated from SAMA and Esher was named President. In August of 2016, she reduced her work assignments in preparation for retirement. Esher continued on the MCAA staff as Senior Advisor to ensure a smooth and successful transition for her successor, Teresa Sebring.