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Turck launches new website

July 26, 2021   Don Horne

Turck Canada has updated their website for July 26.

According to the press release, the new website “not only offers a fresh and clean design, but also a global look and feel” that will be shared with the global website (turck.de/en) to give customers and visitors from around the world a consistent experience when visiting Turck online.

The new www.turck.ca introduces many new features to users that were previously not available, including:

Product Power Search


The Product sections feature a new power search, which operates via a series of simple drop down menus. This allows those who either do not have a Part number handy or are unfamiliar with Turck to easily navigate to their products.

Improved Overall Site Search

Those who have a Part or ID number will still be able to simply type in the number and search the site. In fact, the new site successfully combines Part number, ID number, and keyword searches all into one search field.

  • Wildcard is “*”
  • Example – search “single ended female eurofast right angle” and you will get 200+ results

Enhanced Product Listings

The product section offers enhanced listings, with the ability to get quick info about a part without clicking into a new page, and also allows the user to compare up to four products.

Many features that users have come to enjoy such as links to our Distributor Access, Supplier listing, English and French contact pages and more will still be available on the new site.


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