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Cutting Tools
Rotem Industrial Products Inc
Cutting tools of many types are available from this established supplier with the largest inventory of metalworking products in Canada. We can provide carb...

Electric & Gas Welders
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
A complete selection of welding equipment is available from Lincoln Electric, including welders for any type of welding process. Our offering includes TIG ...

Safety Cable
Bergen Cable Technology, Inc
We provide safety cables that represent a more time and cost-effective approach to fastener security than lockwiring. Both methods are necessary to ensurin...

Air Vents
Keystone Steam Supplies
Air vents from Keystone Steam Supplies can help you maximize the efficiency of your machines and remove contaminants from your system. We have a range of v...

					Calibration services
Calibration Services
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
In addition to a wide range of products, we offer calibration services at Chevrier Instruments. Some products require verification and calibration to adjus...

Lid Supports
Sugatsune Canada Inc
Sugatsune Canada, Inc. lid supports are available for different types of opening. This article focuses on top and upward opening lid stays with unique feat...