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Gould Fasteners Ltd

Fasteners are a big part of the manufacturing world; it is hard to imagine how any products could be built or assembled without them. This is why Gould ...

Frasers Product
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc

With caps from M M Plastics, you’ll never have to worry about contamination in your assemblies again. Designed to offer optimal security and ease ...

					control systems
Valve Control Systems
ODE Valve Canada

Our product portfolio at ODE Valve Canada consists of more than valves, pumps, and gear motors. We also carry wireless electronic solutions for liquid c...

Steel Key Stock
Daemar Inc.

Steel keystock from Daemar Inc. can help make sure your parts stay in the right spot within your assemblies. Available in a variety of different sizes, ...

Shoe Felt
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.

To thrive in the footwear industry, manufacturers must make shoes that outperform, outlast and outshine the competition. It is crucial not only to get q...

Painting Robots

Depend on Sames Kremlin. for the latest technological advancements in robotic industrial painting solutions to provide you with a high performing and co...