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Band Slat Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited
A range of slat conveyors are available from Norpak Handling Limited. They include models designed for everything from small product sortation to handling ...

Product Coding Marking Devices
Sprinter Marking Inc.
Product coding marking devices are available from Sprinter Marking Inc. We believe our code-marking machines can meet customer requirements more effectivel...

Solid State Controls
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
A wide range of solid state power controls is available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. These products are made by industry leading manufacturers such as ...

John Brooks Company Limited
John Brooks Company Limited can supply a wide variety of pumps. We stock a comprehensive selection of pumping equipment from many top manufacturers. Our co...

Strain Gauge Transducers
Durham Instruments
Durham instruments can supply a wide variety of strain gauge transducers. Our comprehensive selection includes many types such as optical, encapsulated, we...

Hydraulic Switches
Wainbee Limited
We supply a wide range of automatic hydraulic switches. Our product selection includes pressure switches, temperature switches, and electronic switches fro...