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Protecting factory electrical enclosures from summer heat

July 8, 2019

By Chris Marlow, Pfannenberg Application Engineer The threats that make enclosure thermal management necessary to begin with reach the height of their destructive energies all at once, once a year, in the summertime. While some logistics of manufacturing become vastly

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Optimizing tool life while containing costs – it can be done

July 2, 2019

Automotive industry manufacturers have basic requirements from their suppliers – they want on-time delivery, accuracy, and sufficient available stock. They want perfect parts, but they want them to be immediately available at a price they can control. Automotive industry suppliers

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Chem Show celebrates 104 years this October

June 23, 2019

The 2019 Chem Show returns to New York City’s Jacob Javits Center this October, marking the 104th anniversary of the show’s existence. Debuting in 1915, the show focuses on previewing the latest equipment and product technology related to the processing

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Conquering aluminum furnace corundum

June 11, 2019

Aluminum processors face constant challenges to their aluminum melt operations. Due to robust demand, processors often operate these furnaces at higher temperatures to maximize production rates. As a result, one of the costliest operational challenges is the aggressive formation of

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Tips for reducing error when using eddy current measuring techniques

May 28, 2019

By Kevin Conlin, business development manager, Kaman Precision Products Inductive eddy current technology is an extremely versatile non-contact method for measuring an object’s position, distance, or vibration. Unaffected by environmental contaminants or target finish characteristics, these sensors can operate in

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Three considerations when protecting tank farms from corrosion

May 21, 2019

By Del Williams With asset utilization critical and community and regulatory pressure always looming, it is essential that tank farm owners proactively prevent any loss of containment with reliable, cost effective corrosion protection. This is crucial since atmospheric corrosion is

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How simplifying moisture measurement improves quality of powders, bulk solids

May 14, 2019

By Del Williams In industries that produce powders and bulk solids, controlling moisture content can impact the purchase price, shipping costs, material handling and, perhaps most importantly, the quality of the final product. When processing dry bulk solids such as

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Why actuators for connected industry run on brushless DC motors

May 8, 2019

By Boris Wassmer, senior manager, engineering CIRCOR | RTK With no need for compressed air, early electric actuators could operate with less sound and less maintenance than the predominant pneumatic actuator. Of course, the standard pneumatic option offered its own apparent

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Designing a bulk filling system to meet strict emissions standards

April 12, 2019

Vale Canada Limited operates one of the largest integrated mining facilities in the world here, mining and processing ores containing nickel, copper and other metals. The company’s Sudbury, Ont. mining complex has been in operation for over 100 years. Starting

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The quest for cooling towers to maintain optimum bath temps to quench metal forgings

March 29, 2019

The forging industry has achieved an impressive place in the North American industrial economy by producing components with unique benefits that are difficult to duplicate. However, delivering on those attributes also requires dealing with the extremely high heat generated during