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A reliable pressure controller solution

November 13, 2020   Don Horne

Pressure Controllers are equipment that automatically provides pressure based on the incoming supply pressure.

Look closely, and you will find them in various industries used to control any number of valves or other final control elements. As this equipment is key to maintaining process pressures at the desired test points, it is critical to choose a versatile controller that will stand up to the demands of in-field use.

Whether it’s building a new system, replacing aging equipment, or attempting to retrofit a system that uses a product that is no longer supported, AMETEK STC offers a solution in their PMT Model 40 Pneumatic Controller.

The Model 40 pressure controllers have a durable design to last for years in the field and employ trusted technology to receive a process variable and control it by transmitting a pneumatic signal.  The pressure controllers come in standard control modes of 100 per cent proportional, 200 per cent proportional, 200 per cent proportional plus reset, 75 per cent proportional (positioner only), or 300 per cent PID (proportional-integral-derivative).  These options make it versatile to fit into almost any application.

In addition to working as a pressure controller, the PMT Model 40 is also available as an indicating pneumatic transmitter. Mounted close to the measurement point, it transmits an air pressure signal proportional to the measured variable to another indicator, recorder, or controller.

The Model 40 pressure controller includes ranges from five inches of water column to 3,000 psi, and outputs vary from 3-15, 3-27, 6-30, and 12-60 psi. It is available in automatic and manual switch options and contains pre-calibrated elements for quick field changes. Made in the USA, with over 50 years of industry acceptance, the PMT Model 40 continues to provide reliable, rugged, in-field pressure control.



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