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Explosion-proof signal light with audible alarm

November 5, 2019  

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Larson Electronics has announced the release of an explosion-proof signal light with audible alarm for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. This light is designed for use in wet and marine environments and locations where flammable gases, vapours and dusts could exist. This light is equipped with a reset button for manual deactivation of alarms.

The HAL-TL-1X10W-C-PA-MOD1 explosion proof signal light is rated for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D; Class II, Division 2, Group F; and Class III hazardous locations. This signal light comes with a 10-watt LED lamp in red, blue, green, amber or white light output and is protected by heat treated glass globes and glass guards. This unit is offered with LEDs that either strobe or keep steady and the housing is made of non-metallic polymer with a horn made of fiberglass.

Larson Electronics’ traffic signal is equipped with an explosion-proof audible horn that provides operators with up to five different tones that are capable of reaching peak output of 110dBA. This unit features a reset button for manual control and a NEMA 4X junction box that protects the internal wiring. Wiring for this unit is done through a 3/4″ NPT conduit access hub.

This device can be configured to operate on 120V or 240V AC for use with standard line voltages or 24V DC for low-voltage use. Suitable applications include hazardous work areas, signal lights, paint spray booths, and more.

Larson Electronics LLC

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