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Feeders ensure augers are completely filled with conditioned product

March 2, 2018  

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Acrison Inc. has announced availability of their new Model 170 Dry Solids Volumetric Feeders. Designed with circular flat bottom feed chambers, the Models 170-1-2 and 170-2-2 feature a specially configured, slowly rotating horizontal agitator (operating at a constant or variable speed) to ensure that the feeder’s two variable speed metering augers are completely filled with product “conditioned” to a consistent state, while simultaneously aiding the downward flow of material from the feeder’s integral supply hopper into the feed chamber.

Utilization of two metering augers vs a single auger makes it unnecessary to change the auger size when the desired feed rate range cannot effectively be covered by a single size auger. Proper sizing of the two independently driven metering augers enables a very wide feed range (over 130:1) with the Model 170-1-2 capable of a maximum throughput of 84 cu.ft./hr and 160 cu.ft./hr for the Model 170-2-2.

Both feeders will self-empty and can be emptied quickly via a novel discharge port located in the flat bottom feed chamber. These feeders are also able to provide high and low feed outputs for batching applications utilizing a large metering auger to feed the majority of the material for the desired batch, and a smaller metering auger to provide the final dribble amount so the highest degree of batch accuracy can be achieved. Reference Equipment Specification 1-200-0072.

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