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New copper foil strips now available

March 22, 2019  

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Platinum Tools has announced the launch of the new Copper Foil Strips (p/n 2039).

“Platinum Tools Copper Foil Strips consist of a copper foil backing and conductive adhesive,” explained Lee Sachs, Platinum Tools, Inc. president and general manager. “They are supplied on a removable paper sheet for easy handling, and are typically used as an EMI / RFI shielding for applications in the electronics industry such as static charge draining, seaming shielded rooms, cable wrapping, and surface contact to non-solderable materials. These copper foil strips work perfectly with all the Platinum Tools Shielded RJ45 Connectors and Shielded Keystone Jacks.”

The new EMI/RFI shielding strips are now available.

Platinum Tools Copper Foil Strips come 10 strips per sheet (10 sheets per pack).


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