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Rectangular design allows easy mounting on flat surfaces

April 2, 2018  

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PE18 ProxEncoder® non-contact rotary encoder product line receives a square housing with side sense capacity.  Enhancing the original PE18 proximity style form factor, the new rectangular design allows for easy mounting on flat surfaces.  Two USPTO patents enable the PE18-BX ProxEncoder® to detect on-axis rotation with up to 0.5” (12mm) air gap between the application and sensor. 

The PE18-BX is 100% encapsulated for an IP69k configuration that survives destructive conditions like submersion in hydraulic oil, deep sea salt water, dust control spray, or corrosive wash.  The PE18 ProxEncoder product line is designed to cater to both mobile hydraulic and industrial installations. It is available in common communications including analog, quadrature, and CAN J1939.

Highlights of the Joral PE18 ProxEncoder® include:

• Face or side oriented sensor target area;

• Patented true non-contact position sensing:;

• 5” (12mm) gap between sensor and application;;

• 10” (2.5mm) axial misalignment;

• 30° planar tilt;

• IP69k environmental protection class;

• Rated MIL-STD 202 for shock and vibration resistance;

• Available Outputs: Quadrature, CAN J1939, PWM, Analog, and more; and

• Customizable connector options available.


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