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Trace moisture system

July 8, 2019   Don Horne

As technology evolves to produce smaller, more capable and cost-effective analyzers, it gives industry the ability to measure trace components at extremely low levels. Reducing the trace levels of moisture, oxygen, or contaminants can improve device quality and yields.

Moisture content can have disastrous effects, even in the single digit ppm range of moisture concentration. When liquid hydrocarbons and excess water vapour combine to form a hydrate and are present in the sample stream; they can reduce flow, damage equipment such as valves and compressors and obstruct areas of the piping. The lifespan of process piping is determined by the effects of corrosion present once it has been oxidized with the presence of moisture. The measurement of moisture in gas is an important parameter for processing, storage, transportation, and global conformance specifications.

Increased global competition and the need to improve production efficiency while providing consistency in quality controls are driving our industry partners to enhance measurements. Requirements for results in the single digit ppm range or even the ppb measurement range and the high sensitivity dew point accuracy of +/- 0.5°C are becoming more common. Results in a matter of seconds rather than hours are in demand. The sampling experts at A+ Corporation worked with industry partners to develop the latest in our Analytically Correct Engineered Sample Systems line, Trace Moisture System for Trace Measurement Sampling. This trace measurement system is designed to produce an Analytically Correct sample for analysis in association with a trace moisture analyzer for fast, reliable results.


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