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Track trends and productivity with production boards

May 7, 2018  

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Visual Workplace, Inc. offers a complete line of hourly production boards to support 5S and Lean activities. Production boards provide an at-a-glance view of goal vs. actual production. They allow managers and team members to see current status and quickly identify where production is not meeting the expectation and take corrective action.

Effective visual production boards provide:

• Snapshot of current operations – goals vs. actual production;

• Overview of production trends;

• Improved accountability by allowing managers and team to track performance in a single, central place; and

• Increase shift communication and problem-solving tactics.

Key performance standards:

• Production – actual vs. goal;

• Costs – actual vs. budgeted;

• Quality – conforming vs. non-conforming material;

• Safety – recordable vs. non-recordable injuries; and

• Delivery – On-time vs. past due shipment


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